About Babysitting The Kids

In May 2016, NCT Wolverhampton approached me to write a blog. A blog about parenting no less, but from a Dad’s perspective. Blimey.

Why they chose to do this is anyone’s guess. But, nevertheless, the call was made. After leaving it go to the voicemail a few times, I put my people in touch with their people, arranged for the envelope of used-oncers to be exchanged in the car park of Stafford Services, and I duly accepted.

They had no idea what what would follow once I started cobbling together the jumbled snippets of stuff from the last few years and fishing them out of my head. Coincidentally, neither did I. For those interested, it all started here.

I ploughed on, churning out a post a week for a year. Hopefully they were pleased with, or at least not too alarmed with, the results. But all good things come to an end and in May 2017 I decided to remove the stabilisers and go it alone. Why? Well, mainly as I have almost no recollection of most of the first 1,000 days and that makes writing about it quite hard.

“Babysitting The Kids” is intended to be mostly light-hearted, occasionally slightly over-exaggerated, and is more than a little tongue in cheek at times. Sometimes it can be more serious, but the words are pretty much as honest as they can be. Probably.

I would love to receive comments, feedback, awards, offers of work, etc. so please feel free to let your fingers loose in the comments box. If there’s any subject that you wish me to try to cover, please let me know. I can’t promise that it will be any good, but I like a challenge.


Paul – June 2017


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